Back-up is a requirement for any business. You want to ensure your most valuable asset, your data, is protected. FlexDR is a Secure Cloud Hosting solution to easily extend backup infrastructure to the cloud. You won't need to buy additional media or infrastructure to store your back up data and you'll only pay for the data you're protecting. No matter how many copies are backed up. Simple, scalable and always available.

Avoid catastrophic data loss

Easy to use

It's simple! No management is required to recover your data.

24x7x365 Availability

Target your offsite backups to FlexDR within a few clicks, anywhere, anytime.

Pay as you grow

Scale your IT to match your business needs and only pay for what you use. No hidden fees.

FlexDR Disaster Recovery lets you protect applications, services and data at an offsite facility. Reap immediate benefits such as: 

  • Hosted offsite VM replicas: Customers have offsite VM replicas in an Australian based secure Tier III datacentre. Should a failure occur to an application, service, virtual machine, or entire datacentre, service can restored from the FlexDR service.
  • Ability to instantly recover a service: For those customers with SLA’s dictating immediate return to service, FlexDR Replication allows protected applications and services to be run from one of FlexDR’s secure facilities.
  • Complete visibility and control: Customers have immediate access to the VM replicas — directly from the Veeam backup console

FlexDR Backup is an easy, efficient way for you to get backups off-site. Reap immediate benefits such as:

  • Hosted offsite backups: Customers have off-site backups on disk natively within Veeam Backup & Replication as a cloud repository.
  • Complete visibility and control: Customers have immediate access to the backups in their cloud repositories— directly from the backup console.
  • Modern backup architecture: Because the cloud repository is built into Veeam Backup & Replication, customers are able to easily use the cloud repository as the destination for Veeam Backup and Veeam Backup Copy Jobs.

Manage the unexpected! Find out how your business can leverage the true benefits of FlexDR.