Complexity is inherent in today’s mobile landscape – with the multiple needs and scenarios naturally presenting themselves in even the simplest environments.

  • You have company-managed devices: dedicated to a specific user (IW) or devices that are shared across multiple employees.
  • You also have devices that are employee-managed – whether it’s a primary device their using (their iPhone or PC) or what we call a companion device – something the are using to get online from time to time (like their daughter’s iPad or a family computer)
  • And last but not least there’s 3rd party-managed devices – these are devices that may be managed by other entities or perhaps unmanaged but unfamiliar to you --think about your partners and contractors that you want to enable – or public kiosk scenarios.

These various needs naturally show up in today’s corporate environment. Intune’s MAM and MDM capabilities are designed to help you solve for them all – in a way that enables you enable access to data securely based on your needs.