FlexDR Features

Packed full of great features to ensure you’re protected.

  • Backup Save time and shorten your backup windows.
  • Replication Streamline data availability and DR.
  • Recovery Restore entire VMs, individual files and everything in between.

What is FlexDR?

FlexDR is a Secure Cloud Hosting solution to easily extend your infrastructure to the cloud. Removing the need for any additional investment, you’ll only pay for the storage you’re using. No matter how much data you want to protect.

Simple, scalable and always available.

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FlexDR Benefits

Stay protected and minimise downtime with these awesome benefits.


Automated backup and replica testing, and recovery verification for 100% of your workloads.

Meet RPO & RTO Objectives

Lower RPOs and 50x faster backups.

Ease of Management

Manage ALL workloads from a single console.


Around the clock availability for your applications and data.

Pay as You Grow

Scale your IT to match your business needs. Only pay for what you use. No hidden fees.

Powerful Capabilities

Instant recovery for tier-1 Microsoft applications and advanced replication capabilities.