Many organisations are wrestling with how to embrace the Cloud. There are a myriad of options, from wholesale moves to the Cloud, to Software as a Service (SAS) for particular applications. BEarena believes a hybrid approach to be optimal. IT exists to deliver applications: our customers do not care for datacentres, hardware, operating systems. They care for applications and their availability and accessibility. With this in mind, BEarena works with our customers to leverage the Cloud for requirements that are suitable to it. Working with our partners VMware, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services we have migrated many applications and services such as email, databases and websites, or even entire infrastructures to the Cloud. BEarena is also focused on ease of management in this hybrid environment. With our partner Nutanix, we deliver Web-scale Hybrid Cloud architectures, on premises infrastructure seamlessly leveraging the public Cloud providers, all from a single pane of glass.

Typical challenges for IT in the Enterprise
  • Cost & Complexity: buying, deploying, managing and scaling datacenter infrastructure is expensive and time consuming
  • No Time for Innovation: innovation suffers when IT spends a majority of time dealing with operational issues.
  • IT Working in Silos: legacy infrastructure built with separate servers, storage and networking creates in flexible silos of specialized IT skills

Web-scale IT is more than just a buzzword, it is the way datacenters and software architectures are designed to incorporate multi-dimensional concepts such as scalability, consistency, tolerance and versioning. Web-scale systems are by definition, software defined. There do not require specialised hardware; Web-scale software runs on standard x86 servers. Being software defined ensures new features or greater performance or capacity can be routinely delivered to the platform without change to the underlying hardware.