By consolidating compute and storage into one appliance and using software to deliver redundancy and performance across multiple discreet 'nodes', all clustered as a pool of resource, customers are drastically lowering total cost of ownership for private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

Complex is competent, simple is genius. Removing complexity from solutions increases availability and reduces cost. For many years the datacentre was by necessity filled with complex architectures. The rise of the cloud companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo gave birth to a new architecture where compute and storage hardware became a commodity and rather than engineer redundancy into physical devices, software ensures no single failure results in an outage. This was the birth of Hyper-Convergence. BEarena offers a full suite of products and services for Hyper-Converged including:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • “As a Service” opex based agreements
  • White labelled services for the key Hyper-Converged players leveraged by both the vendors of the solutions, and other partners who do not possess a services capability


Our partners for Hyper-Converged are