BEarena's Skype for Business Offering

BEarena partner with PingCo and PureIP to provide a true Skype for Business (SfB) PBX solution. This solution allows for the replacement of all PBX functionality with a fully hosted SfB Enterprise backend and SfB client software. PingCo have built a multi tenanted Skype platform that operates using the full PureIP provide the SIP channels and associated call costs. Customers will need to commit to a minimum contract of 12 months for this service, additional terms of 24 and 36 months are also offered. Office 365 licensing requirements are E3 or E5 to provide the full SfB enterprise voice functionality.  

Here are some general details on the offering

What is the difference between PingCo hosted Skype for Business solution and Microsoft O365 Skype for Business?

Both product concepts is very similar in that no hardware and backend setup is required as the whole skype for business infrastructure is hosted in the cloud. The main difference is that PingCo hosted skype for business currently provides more features than what O365 can provide for Skype for Business. Some of the features that we offer that Office 365 don’t currently offers are: Response Group Services, Conferencing numbers to multiple countries, Option for customers to pick which SIP provider to use, and Option for customers to connect to PingCo data centre backend for a full QoS experience.

What is the difference between PingCo hosted Skype for Business solution and an on-premise deployment of Skype for Business?

The main difference is costing. On-premise installation requires hardware, storage, maintenance, SfB expertise onsite whereas on a hosted solution all the mentioned are elevated to the vendor.

Do you have a call centre solution?

Yes we do. We integrate with CyTrack Intelligent Systems call centre solution. With this option a separate quote is required. CyTrack will be provided as a cloud instance within PingCo with full functionality provided for the customer. 

Will PSTN dialing be available to customers? i.e. ability to dial inbound/outbound to a PSTN/Mobile number?

Yes, this is available.

How does customer purchase their own number ranges from a SIP provider?

Our preferred SIP provider is PureIP.  However customers are also able to pick their own SIP provider if they wish, can be Optus, Telstra etc.. Do keep in mind that the private SIP provider will then have to connect to PingCo backend in the datacentre by either using a cross connect or for the SIP provider to drop their voice NTU into our PingCo rack.

Implementation and ongoing monthly costs for the SfB offering are based on the length of contract that is taken up, plus the number of response groups required.  Please note that the Call Centre setup is quoted separately. If you have any further questions or would like further costings please do not hesitate to contact us.